Does it hurt? Hell ya it hurts!

Does it hurt? Hell ya it hurts!

By Paul Sobreiro May 28, 2015 slider

Thinking about getting tattooed, but don’t know where to start? XBody can help!

Paul Sobreiro

Age:40 From: Native of Swansea, now in Warren, R.I. Time tattooing: 9+ years Time at the shop: Since the beginning. Favorite tattoo he has: “The tattoo that’s representative of my children.” Favorite tattoo he’s done: The Maxx tattoo and bleeding hearts. Interests: SciFi, fantasy, comic books, art. Favorite movies of all time: ” ‘Star Wars’ original trilogy or maybe ‘Grease,’ I can’t decide.” Favorite colors: Green Random fact: Paul has three nipples. Another random fact: Paul has the first tattoo done in XBody.

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