Meghan Pagliaroni

xmegnewMAIN1From: Somerset originally, now living in Warren, R.I..

Time tattooing: 3+ years..

Favorite tattoo/piercing: Tattoo: Definately a toss up between my Alice in Wonderland sleeve, which is in progress, or the diamond on my hand. It’s so hard to choose only one! Piercing: My favorite piercing would have to be my nose (right side with a stud and a ring) and my vertical labret.

Interests: “I’m a girl and in being such, I love to shop. If I have money longer than two weeks, I feel the urge to shop! But I do love video games.”

Favorite videogame of all time: “Final Fantasy 7. FTW. I’ve still got my fingers crossed for the remake. Come ON, SquareEnix!! Revive the PS3!”

Favorite colors: Black and pink

Favorite pieces she’s done: A grimreaper werewolf, a really cool falcon with a sugar skull hood and a googly eyed goldfish.

Random fact: “I’m really strange and a huge geek, but I’ve become strangely comfortable with it.”








Meghan’s Work