Award winning Tate Dean has been tattooing in the South Coast Massachusetts and Rhode Island area for 6 years. He has a love for reptiles and probably has way too many Buddhas and animal skulls in his collections. His other interests include spending time in nature and sculpture in wire and metal, wood and ceramic. Casual and welcoming, he fits into the shop where you feel like a friend as soon as you walk in.

Specializing in black and grey tattoos, Tate admires the renaissance art of Leonardo DaVinci and Albrecht Durer, whose illustrative line-work and shading gave life to surgical images and views of nature. His tattoo style, while following traditional values with a twist of the botanical style of naturalists of the Victorian era is versatile and translates well from grey scale into color tattoos and covering large areas.

With Tate you will find the conversations about tattoos often lead to unique solutions for common tattoo problems. Ready to listen and bursting with ideas, Tate will take the time to listen to what you want so that the tattoo he prepares for you will stand out for years to come and always feel like it was meant to be there. His unique drawing style and fancy line-work translate well into long lasting and bold tattoos. Using the structure of the body and musculature, you are bound to find that his tattoos fit your body well and complement any other tattoos you may have.

For tattoo consultations please reach the shop and allow time for scheduling. Tattoos are booked in person with a $50 deposit, and Tate takes walk-ins when possible. Come early, as customers are first come first served and schedules sometimes book out a few months in advance.

Additional Portfolios of Tate’s tattoos can be found at:
Instagram: @TateDeanTattoos